Personal Injury

A Dedicated Team of Attorneys Protecting People

The Virginia Personal Injury Litigation Group is centered on representing individuals—real people, not corporations or insurance companies—who have been injured through the reckless, careless, or intentional actions of others.

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Our Philosophy

We limit the number of cases we take so that we may devote substantial resources, thought, and attention to each of our personal injury cases. Several of our lawyers previously practiced in very large law firms, and we strive to provide extraordinary legal assistance to individuals who could never afford to pay the rates large law firms demand. In effect, we level the playing field by taking the “corporate law firm” approach used by large firms to defend corporate clients and using it to represent our personal injury clients in fighting insurance companies and corporations for civil justice. In today’s business-first political climate, the basic rights of individuals are rapidly losing ground to the prerogatives of big business and the companies that insure them. By making your fight our fight, we partner with our personal injury clients to make justice a reality.

The Sooner the Better - Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Precious Time Is Lost

In the wake of an injury—from any source—a motor vehicle accident, an unsafe product, or a dangerous condition of land—many victims and their families don't know where to turn for the critical legal advice they'll need to guide them through what can be an intimidating and confusing time. Choices injured persons and their families make in the days immediately following an injury or wrongful death can have a lasting impact on their rights to compensation for damages and injuries. Defendants have insurance companies to protect them—you should have an advocate as well. Our attorneys have assisted injured individuals and their families in a variety of areas.

Practice Recognition

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  • Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs (Tier 1)


From our clients

  • "I was referred to Blankingship and Keith for assistance after a severe car accident. I was represented by Amy Bradley and Barkley Horn. I could not have asked for a better team representing me and my best interests against the insurance company. At every step of the way, I felt assured because of the knowledge and experience my legal team had. They approached my case with a level of wisdom and humble kindness that created a trusted advisor relationship. My questions were answered promptly, considerately, and thoroughly. I knew that my legal team had my back. The team made communication of complicated processes easy for a person who was dealing with a traumatic brain injury after the accident."
  • "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  Not only are you guys brilliant from a legal and strategic standpoint you are also a lot of fun to have as attorneys! We really appreciate all your talents and all you have done and are continuing to do for us and for (our son)."
  • "Today is the 4th anniversary of the accident.  Thank you for all of your endless hard work, understanding and for giving us an outcome that is beyond what we ever thought possible..."
  • "My expectations were high, and somehow were exceeded. Peter Everett communicated with effectiveness & empathy, which has been sorely lacking in polite & professional society. He & his staff are singularly focused on advocacy, which can only result in maximal resolution. In a world where chaos seems to be gaining purchase, he is the calm voice of reason with piercing wisdom & effectiveness. His winsome & sage presentation is calming when you need it most."
  • "I am grateful to Mr. Stoney for his dedication, expertise and many hours he devoted to my case.  He has done so much for my family and has always been patient and kind."
  • "Following a near fatal injury involving a bicycle, I was referred to Peter Everett because of his expertise in the area of traumatic brain injuries. My initial interaction with Peter and his team was positive and reassuring which led to good rapport. From the outset, the team made me aware of the "big picture" of my case along with the steps which would be involved in bringing my case to a positive outcome. Then the long process began. The team exhibited a range of exceptional practices. One key example was high quality communication. The response to my phone calls and messages was prompt. I felt that my input was valued. Because I live a distance away from the firm's office, Peter arranged Zoom meetings. In addition to the opportunity for personal interaction, these meetings served to update progress on the case and address my questions or concerns. After months of work, a positive settlement was secured. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Peter Everett, his team and support staff for their work on my case. Special thanks to Juli Porto, with whom I communicated most frequently. Juli consistently exhibited a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. Thanks, also, to Barkley Horn, Brenda Ramirez and Stephanie Rein whose collective work contributed to the successful outcome of my case. I highly recommend the law firm of Blankingship & Keith."
  • "After our family was injured by a reckless driver in a car crash it was so nice to have this team behind us during such a tough time. Everyone was extremely helpful, responsive, and took all of our questions. Would highly recommend them to anyone!"
  • "Juli Porto displayed extreme professionalism, current knowledge of case law, and timely responsiveness. She executed my case in a judicious manner. Best of all, I received, not only the outcome I wanted, but more than expected!! Highly-recommend. She’s lovely to work with and fierce in her case work. Best in the DMV area."
  • "Amy was incredibly helpful, thoughtful and personally invested in my case. I always felt like she had my best interest at heart and couldn't recommend a better person to work with."
  • Joyce and I really appreciate the way you handled our accident.  You were efficient, always professional and very concerned with our welfare.
  • "Dear Amy – I am so thankful to you for being my attorney and handling my case. Your concern and regard for me was reassuring during this most difficult time of my life."
  • "Absolutely the Go-To firm for solid representation. I can not express enough how I got justice for my mind & soul. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders for myself and my wife. Now I can find Peace, enjoy life again after being a victim of a horrendous act. My hats off to this firm and the staff for all of their countless meetings and long nights to bring me Justice!"
  • "Best attorneys ever!!! My husband and I worked with this amazing group for over 4 years after he suffered from a near fatal motorcycle accident.  They did exactly what they said they would do and let us know this was going to be a long process. I would like to recognize Peter Everett, Juli Porto, Chidi James, Brenda Ramirez and so many others who were always there to answer questions and ease our minds. If you're thinking twice about a reputable law firm let me put your mind at ease.  They are the best and now a part of our family!  I  highly recommend these amazing firm."
  • "Ms. Bradley handled a case for me that involved another driver hitting me from the rear as I was waiting for the light to change. The plaintiff even drove off after the collision. I was plagued with chronic physical pain since the collision; even after going to PTs and doctors, my condition remained. Hit from the rear, driver left the scene (momentarily), and I even had a witness … should be an open close case. Nope, the plaintiff lied saying I was on my phone (which I didn’t even have on me) and their lawyers painted me as a money grubber that had pre-exisiting conditions and tied our case in court for over a year. Ms. Bradley walked me through it all, she was attentive to send and request the various documents, disputes and video interviews. I’ve never been in a court case, but Ms. Bradley and her team coached me through the mental difficulty and stress. She was empathic to my situation, but fought hard against the tyrants of the automobile insurance agency. God bless her and her team."
  • "The Principles and Staff are very professional, knowledgeable and helpful in both understanding the process and what is critical to a successful outcome.  I can highly recommend them."
  • "I found Peter Everett because he is a member of the Trucking Litigation Group at the American Association of Justice. My wife and I hired Peter to represent us in a trucking accident, and he and his law firm were great. He really knows Virginia and trucking Law, is well known and respected in the Courthouse, and gave us excellent representation. In the end, he secured a great recovery for us. We strongly recommend him and B&K to represent you in your trucking accident case."
  • "It's hard to measure a lawyers success but in this case it's easy. Amy delivered an outcome that was more than anyone expected while caring for use (her clients). She is an unassuming weapon. She communicates clearly, is honest, works hard, is prepared, and worth every penny. Life sucks sometimes but it's good to have Amy on your side when it does. "
  • "I had a very good experience with Rob, Stephanie, and Carla. I was badly injured while riding a bicycle, and medical bills were mounting quickly. I shopped around and had a dicey experience with another firm that set off all sorts of red flags. When I sat down with Rob at Blankingship and Keith, it was like night and day, and my worries melted away. Rob also suffered a bicycle accident and empathized with my situation. Their attentiveness and process continued to put me at ease, and I could focus on recovering. Stephanie was with me to lend support at trial, kept me apprised of current developments, and were always available if I had further questions. Attorneys gave me actionable information and I really felt included in the process. Ultimately, my medical costs were alleviated and I was made whole once more. When I talk to others that have had similar accidents, my experience was superb. I can't sing their praises enough in this review. I highly recommend their team. Go talk to them, you'll be in good hands."
  • "This is a very easy review to write.  The team at Blankingship and Keith were such a blessing to our family and the most devastating time in our family's life. Chidi, Peter, Denise and, frankly the entire office were responsive, empathetic, encouraging, professional and most importantly relentless towards getting justice for our injury.  When we couldn't think for ourselves, they thought of everything and coached us through our case every step of the way.  They are family!   I wouldn't recommend anyone else!"
  • "Rob Stoney very professional, smart, passionate and very dedicated as are all of the members of his Team. Rob, Chidi James, Julie Porto and Carla Coleman provided me with the highest quality of legal representation. I felt so comfortable every step of the way . I can highly recommend them. You feel like Family."
  • "I hired Amy L Bradley following a car crash. She’s friendly, warm, and very professional. I liked her immediately. She made the experience so easy and I never worried about the details. She had my back throughout the entire process and I trusted her completely. She went to court with me and fought hard for my compensation. She went the extra mile and regularly communicated the status of my case with me. She was always available. I highly recommend her services. The case settled for $12,000 which took care of all my medical bills and damages. I never felt pressured to hurry things along or agree to an amount I wasn’t comfortable receiving. She cares about her clients and you can’t ask for a better lawyer. Amy is fantastic."
  • "Juli Porto offered wise counsel as we walked through a very challenging time. She was responsive, insightful, and went above and beyond to support the best possible outcome."
  • "Amy Bradley is an excellent lawyer, and the only person I would trust to represent me in court. I would highly recommend her and the firm's services."
  • "Peter - again thank you to both you and Rob for being so brilliant.  I was REALLY glad I was sitting on your side of the table last Friday and not in the Hot Seat across from you . . . As your client I could not be more pleased!!!"
  • "Thank you, Peter.  You do not know how your kindness and your ability as a lawyer has made some sense out of this nightmare.  Thank Rob for me.  I know that he was very important throughout the proceedings as well."
  • "I want you to know how much you and your staff have meant to me over the years.  Since I had to go through this awful event, it was great to have you as a team. You are all in my thoughts. But do know that you have really affected me in a positive way.  At least I now have closure, on both the criminal and civil sides.  God bless and keep doing good work for the victims or survivors of all those awful catastrophes."


From professionals for whom we've consulted

  • "Peter Everett provides not only top tier advice to his clients, but also assists attorneys such as myself with difficult legal issues. His knowledge, zeal, and uncanny ability to think "outside the box" is amazing."
  • "As a personal injury attorney, I have co-counseled with the PI team of Peter Everett, Chidi James, and Rob Stoney at Blankingship and Keith.  The team understands Traumatic Brain Injury, as many lawyers fail to appreciate the powerful yet subtle ways a brain injury affects the client--and, indeed,  the whole family-- after a negligent act.  I love the energy and the intellect with which Peter Everett approaches every case.  And fantastic results!!"
  • "I have had the opportunity to work on cases with the personal injury team at Blankingship and Keith for 10+ years.  They are very professional and they get excellent results for their clients.  It is always an honor to work with Chidi, Peter, Rob and the entire team at Blankingship and Keith."
  • "I've both worked with the lawyers at Blankingship & Keith as well as known people who used B&K as their lawyers for their personal injury or wrongful death claim. Their personal injury team is exceptionally talented, knowledgeable, and sympathetic to their clients, and just all around good people."
  • "The personal injury team works passionately as an advocate for those with catastrophic injuries, selflessly putting their clients’ interest above their own interests. Over the last 20 years, I have seen dozens of successful cases as consultant for them, witnessing them fighting relentlessly for injured victims."
  • "Pete Everett and his law firm of Blankenship and Keith are an outstanding personal injury law practice that I had the pleasure of working with on a complicated traumatic brain injury case. Our client was a resident of Virginia who was injured in a crash that occurred in Indiana. So my law firm of Doehrman Buba Ring co-counseled the case with Pete Everett and his team at Blankenship and Keith. What I learned during that case was that Pete and his team were outstanding attorneys who advocated with competence and compassion every step of the way for our client. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Blankenship and Keith who had a matter that required an attorney from the State of Virginia. Pete and his team at Blankenship and Keith are simply the best."