Blankingship & Keith's Personal Injury Team Obtained a $1.1 Million Settlement for a Child Injured by a Package Delivery Driver

While playing with friends, our client was struck by a package delivery driver. In an attempt to avoid other children on ATVs, the driver moved to the wrong side of the street and collided with our client.

Our eight-year-old client and two of his friends were playing on their quiet street. He was skating on roller blades. A package delivery driver entered the street and saw the other two children.

To avoid them, the delivery driver moved to the wrong side of the street. He failed to notice our client and struck him in his leg.

The hospital found that the medial collateral ligament and soft tissue over the ligament were gone, the meniscus was exposed and the knee joint was disrupted.

Orthopedic and plastic surgeons scheduled him for additional trauma surgery, which revealed the presence of the MCL stump, but no MCL; valgus laxity; and no obvious meniscus tear.

Upon returning to school, he faced emotional and physical difficulties. he was not allowed to be out of his wheelchair at school and had to be pushed from place to place by an employee.

Our client has recovered substantially. Nonetheless, the collision “obliterated” his MCL, thus leaving him permanently injured. he knows he must be careful and that he will never high contact sports.

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