Sex Abuse Victims

For decades, Blankingship & Keith has represented victims of sexual abuse in civil litigation. In particular, we have represented victims who have been assaulted in workplaces, schools, daycare centers, religious institutions, foster and group homes, residential treatment facilities, at doctor’s offices, in hospitals, and by drivers of ride-hailing services.

shutterstock-765382144-mediumThis area of law is tricky, because it often overlaps with several practice areas, including criminal law, employment law, personal injury law, and more. Because of the depth and breadth of our experiences in life and in the law, we are uniquely positioned to handle these cases.


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We understand the journey of healing for victims of sexual abuse. We know that sex abuse is about power. We want to help you reclaim yours. We lead from the heart and handle sex abuse cases with compassion, confidentiality, and expertise.