White House Joins the Call for Increased Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Increased Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries

White House Joins the Call for Increased Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Many of our clients have suffered traumatic brain injuries in motor vehicle collisions. They may have no obvious physical injuries, so it can be difficult for them to explain to friends and family that they have actually suffered an injury, though an “invisible” one. 

But that may change as sports related injuries are more frequently discussed in the media. And now, President Obama has joined the conversation. Two events at the White House last week drew attention to sports related head injuries.

The first was Science Fair Day at the White House. This year’s fair included Maria Hanes’ “Concussion Cushion”. Maria demonstrated her invention to President Obama and explained that the gel sleeve she developed reduces impact by 46%. Maria loves football, but also understands the potential dangers – her brother suffered four concussions playing the game and she witnessed dozens more in her role as manager for her high school’s team. So, she designed the Concussion Cushion to prevent those injuries. 

And just a few days later, the White House drew even more attention to sports related injuries. On May 29, President Obama made remarks at the Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit, encouraging parents, players, coaches, and fans to be more aware of traumatic brain injuries. He also announced government and NFL funding for concussion research, including concussion prevention and treatment. 

You can learn more about Maria’s invention here: 

http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/santacruz/ci_25873223/ucsc-freshman-pre... find the full text of the President’s remarks here:http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/05/29/remarks-president-....