DOD Invests $40 Million in New Brain Injury Treatment Research

New Brain Injury Treatment Research

We have represented dozens, if not hundreds of people with traumatic brain injuries, and count them as our friends, as well as our clients. Long after the initial head injury, our clients are so often plagued with thinking problems--memory, attention, processing speed and cognitive fatigue after a few hours of concentrated activity.

This New York Times article discusses exciting cutting edge TBI research that may hold promise for improved cognition, including memory. For example researchers at U.C.L.A. have previously succeeded in improving spatial memory by electrically stimulating an area near the hippocampus called the entorhinal cortex. 

On July 9th, the Department of Defense announced a $40 million investment in a branch of neuroscience referred to as direct brain recording. Two centers, one at the University of Pennsylvania and the other at the University of California, Los Angeles, won contracts to develop brain implants for memory deficits, exploring brain chemistry and epilepsy in the process.