Atlantic Coast Pipeline v. Kelk Results in $75,000 Settlement

In this matter ACP was seeking to widen, pave and use an existing private gravel road for to gain access to a ridgeline where the pipeline was to eventually be constructed. Kevin was able to use his experience and understanding of the project's construction plan to determine that there was an extremely heightened time sensitive need for ACP to gain access at this location. This knowledge proved critical in reaching a quick settlement in excess of six times the amount of the original offer. The resolution permitted the condemnor to keep up with the construction schedule and resulted in a very favorable monetary award to the property owner. In addition to the monetary award, we were able to negotiate a provision in the settlement agreement mandating that if the project were ever abandoned the acquired easement would revert back to the property owner with no requirement for repayment. (A condition that came to fruition when ACP abandoned the project in 2020).

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