Family Law

Our family law practice is headed by David R. Clarke, Richard J. Colten, Thomas M. Cusick, and Darline S. Lesser, highly qualified practitioners widely recognized in our area as leaders in the field of domestic relations law. Ably assisted by experienced attorneys Mary C. Huff, Virginia F. Shevlin, and Olivia M. F. Bean, and backed by a knowledgeable and efficient support staff, our family law group offers discreet, thorough and zealous representation. Although we never hesitate to litigate when the occasion demands, we also urge our clients to explore alternative dispute resolution avenues, such as negotiated compromise and settlement, mediation or arbitration, or marital and co-parenting counseling.

Domestic relations law in Virginia addresses a wide range of issues of importance to individuals and families. While the concept readily calls to mind separation, divorce and attendant concerns such as child custody, support, and the division of marital assets, Blankingship and Keith, P.C. also assists clients in non-divorce cases with such matters as marital planning through the negotiation and preparation of pre-marital and marital contracts; establishing paternity; obtaining or defending against protective orders; adoption; and grandparent and third-party custody or visitation. We offer experienced representation in a range from simple to highly complex divorce and family litigation.

Separation and divorce can be stressful and life-altering events for all family members, including children. Legal complexities that arise when a family divides often appear overwhelming and require an understanding of emotional and financial issues in conjunction with the client’s legal rights. Our highly qualified and esteemed lawyers are available to guide you through those troubling times. We provide legal advice and representation in such matters as annulment; divorce; custody and visitation; parent relocation and change of custody issues; parental abduction; spousal and child support and support modification; equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities (including division of complicated business interests and tracing of separate and marital property interests); enforcement of settlement agreements or Court orders for support or property division and other post-divorce issues, including those pertaining to division of retirement assets; domestic relations appellate litigation; and related matters.

Because of the recent landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges, same sex couples, previously denied the right of and access to marriage in Virginia, may now wed. They face the same concerns and must deal with the same issues arising under domestic relations law as do heterosexual couples, but with little established Virginia precedent directly on point to guide them. Blankingship and Keith is experienced and well qualified to assist in such matters.

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