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Blankingship & Keith Secures $2.85M Settlement in Pressure Cooker Explosion Case


April 17, 2024

[Fairfax, VA, April 17] — Blankingship & Keith is pleased to announce a significant victory for its client in a recent case involving a pressure cooker explosion. Partners Juli Porto and Rob Stoney teamed up with Michael Donohue of Michael Donahue of Stark & Stark to successfully obtain a $2.85 million settlement for their client, who suffered severe burns as a result of the incident.

The tragic accident occurred when the pressure cooker, manufactured in China and purchased in Florida, unexpectedly exploded while in use. The victim, a young woman, sustained burns across her face, right ear, neck, chest, and torso, resulting in keloids and requiring laser surgery for treatment.

Despite claims by the defendants that the woman was negligent for allegedly failing to follow the user's manual, thorough investigation by plaintiff's counsel revealed a crucial defect in the cooker's locking mechanism. X-rays of the cooker revealed a slightly bent link, which experts concluded was the cause of the cooker opening under pressure, contrary to its advertised safety features.

The case was filed in Bergen County, New Jersey, where the manufacturer's principal places of business are located. The legal team skillfully navigated the complexities of the case to secure a favorable settlement for their client, ensuring she received the compensation and justice she deserved.

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